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Anakage is End User Support Automation Platform for IT Service Desk to reduce support calls by using cobots / solutions.

What are cobots

Cobots are the centre of everything that we do to resolve user issues. Consider them self-contained applications to resolve user issues. Cobots are applications which resolves issue by script-based automation or involving step by step guidance. They can fix issues at the click on button in few seconds or do troubleshooting as a very highly skilled agent would do to reach the core of problem and resolve it. Consider them as the utilities some developers in your IT Team has already built and are using. Using Anakage platform, you get access to more that 50 such utilities and a way to create and deploy them faster in your environment.

Cobots are of two types –

1 – Purely automated – These can act and fix an issue by firing scripts/codes without needing any user intervention. For example – Delete temporary files, maintain proxy setting or make sure that skype add-in is enabled at regular interval. These tasks can be automatically done since windows provides scripts or APIs to perform these tasks.

2 – Guided – Some type of tasks cannot be automated for various reasons –

A – Script is not technically feasible– We show step by step instructions by drawing on top of application to help user perform the tasks.

B – User intervention is needed – Consider the case when there are different proxies for different teams or user needs to change proxy when they go to home. In these cases, there is user intervention needed, so cobots take these inputs from users and act appropriately.

Components of Anakage Platform –

1 – Self-Help online portal – It hosts cobots / solutions on portal from where users can download and run the solutions to fix their issues. These cobots works without needing any install with user permission[i]

2 – Self-Help offline desktop application for windows – It hosts cobots in an offline desktop application which needs admin rights to be installed. The solutions can resolve issues needing admin rights[ii] also if the steps can be handled by script-based automation. This can be installed using a msi installer and can be bulk pushed to any standard deployment platforms like SCCM, Bigfix etc.

3 – Self-Help offline Mac application for Macintosh – It hosts cobots for Macintosh platform.

4 – Self-Heal application for windows – These are set of cobots which works without needing any user intervention and executes at regular interval to act.

5 – Admin console – It provides various data points and admin actions for administrators so that they are aware of their environment without high touch points. It also includes content management system which is used to create online webpages in portal without needing programming skills.

Comparison between Self-Help online portal and offline desktop application

Cobots or Solutions can be hosted in two ways –

1 – Online Self-Help Portal – User visit a portal, download solutions and runs it to resolve their issue.

2 – Offline Desktop Application – User opens a Desktop application installed on his machine, runs the solution to resolve their issue.

While most of the things remain same across both applications there are some differences as in below table which will help you to take advantage of each of them –

ParameterOffline AppOnline Portal
Pages can be created through content managementNoYes
Rights/PermissionsCan run solutions needing both admin rights as well as user rightsCan run solutions needing only user rights. However if Offline app is installed it can run admin right solution too by using offline desktop installed files.
Need InstallYesNo
ConnectivityNot needed since all the needed files are on machineThe portal needs to be accessible by users through web browser
Updates/ChangesAny changes to application must be pushed to machines using SCCM/BigFix or from Anakage build it updatorThe file needs to be put on server. User will always use the updated files
Need of other application for pushing to user machinesNeeded , if they are to be deployed on user machinesNot needed since user accesses portal
AD/ESO IntegrationNot integrated with AD or ESO since the application is installed, no sign in window is shown.Can be integrated with ESO or AD for taking user credentials for signing.
Chat bot integrationNoPortal can show 3rd party chat bot
Self-Heal availableYes, since relevant files needs to be on machineNo
Admin ConsoleSends usage data to online portal, Uses online portal consoleUses online portal console

[i] Online cobots works with user rights but if offline desktop application is installed on user machine then online can take the help of offline to do admin right tasks.

[ii] What are issues that need admin rights. Consider scenario – 1 – you want to delete user temporary folders “C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Temp” – It can be done with user rights. 2 – you want to delete windows temporary files “C:\Windows\Temp” – It can be done only with admin rights.

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