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Introduction to Roles

Anakage Self-Help Portal provide different kind of roles to users with different level of access –

1 – SUPER ADMIN – Has all the access. There are 2 kinds of SUPER ADMIN.

A – Access to all the facilities. They have all the rights.

B – Access to single facility. They have limited rights.

2 – ANALYST – They can only view data.

3 – ADMIN – They can view data as well as perform admin related action. They do not have access to content management and facility section.

4 – USER – Any user who is not added as a user in system is unknown and they are considered as users. They have access to only self-help portal.

How are roles determined

1 – User signs in using ESO/SAML

2 – He is assigned role as per entries in ROLE table

3 – If he is not in ROLE table then he is anonymous or a plain user with access to only self-help user facing portal.

Create users with different roles

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on “Facility & Users” and then select “Users”

The table shows all the available users.

4 – Click on “+USER” to bring “CREATE USER” form

User Name – The id that will be used by user to login.

First Name – First Name

Last Name – Last Name

Email – Email id

Password – Provide password. In case authentication is integrated with ESO then this field is not relevant. But to create user you need to provide a dummy password.

Authority – Select ROLE which is to be given to user

Facility – Select the facility for which user has to be given access. You will select only those facilities for which you have access.

Save – Saves the data and creates user

Enter the information and click on “SAVE” button to save the data.

A green notification appearing on bottom corner means data is saved. If there is any error please correct and save it.

The created user will be listed in the Users table

Edit User Details

Select “EDIT” button for the user.

Provide updated data and Save.

Delete User

Select “DELETE” button for the user

Accept the “Delete Confirmation”

User will be deleted

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