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Use Offline Self-Help Application

How to open offline self-help application –

1 – Go to desktop

2 – Look for Heal-IT icon

Or Click on Windows icon and start typing Heal-IT until application is shown

3 – Open Heal-IT application

4 – Application would open

Heal-IT (v1.0)

Search Box – Use this to search for your issue. You can either search inside a category or all categories. For example, searching for printer would show another page where all solutions having “printer” in their title or description would be listed.

Heal-IT (v1.0)

Categories Area – It shows categories available in Heal-IT application.

Most Frequently Used Solutions – It shows most frequently used solutions. It is not updated in real time. With every update of Heal-IT, based on usage this section can be updated.

Click on any category block or use Search box to see the solution blocks –

Solution Block – Each solution block hosts one Cobot or Solution. This contains steps to fix listed issue. This block shows –

A – Category of Solution

B – Title of Solution

C – Description of Solution – This shows details of what is done inside solution to fix the issue.

D – Approximate time this solution will take to run

E – RUN button – Click on this button to start the solution

How to Use Cobot / Solutions

Click Run button to start Cobot

Move mouse over “?” button to see help instructions to use any cobot.

Read the instructions carefully and click on START button to start cobot / solution

Follow the instructions on screen. At each step you would be told what actions has been performed by cobot. If some action is needed from user, instruction text would be shown.

Some solutions would show screens like below

Select appropriate option and use it. When done click on Close or Exit the solution.

If at some step cobot needs to close any application so that the fix works correctly it would show message like

When NEXT STEP is clicked Chrome will be closed automatically by cobot.

When you are at end of solution you would see feedback screen

Note – Above screen could be different for you based on how it has been implemented in your organization. In the above case clicking on “MORE HELP…” would take you to self-help portal. It could be anything like service now portal, incident creation form, chat support redirection etc.

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