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What are resources

Resources are assets like images, zip files, documents, installers that are stored on Anakage server. They can be accessed by a hyperlink and can be used in multiple ways from self-help portal and applications–

1 – Anakage Self-Help portal pages – Images hyperlink can be used in pages, zip and document files can be put as solution blocks.

2 – Anakage Solutions / cobots – Solutions can download these files and use it as needed. For example – You can put a zip file containing installer for notepad++. Anakage solution for “Install Notepad++” can download them from server and install it. The installer need not be embedded in solution keeping them lightweight. Whenever notepad++ installer new version is available it can be replaced on server. Solutions can always download latest version without needing to change the solution.

The supported file formats are jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pptx, ppt, zip, exe, msi. The size restriction is 500MB

Resources section is used to upload resources only. It does not start appearing or getting used automatically. You have to upload, get the hyperlink and use it appropriately.

How to access “Upload Resources” section

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on “Content Management” tab and then select “Upload Resources”

Facility – This is the facility this resource is to be used for.

Resource Type – This is like a folder and is used only for organisation of resources. If you are using many files this helps you to organise them better.

Upload – Shows the preview of selected file. For non-image files it would not show any preview

4 – Click on “SELECT“ and choose the file. Make sure it is below 500 MB.

5 – Click on “UPLOAD” button to upload the file and wait for it to get uploaded. Depending on internet speed and size of file it would take time to get uploaded to server.

Once file is uploaded successfully it would be shown –

A – in preview area at bottom for Image files

B – in table for all other type of files

Use “FILTER” to see resources in selected folder

For example – Select “Install” and click on “FILTER” to see resources only in Install folder

How to use resources

For getting hyperlinks for images, Right click on image and select “Copy image address”. The hyperlink will be copied in clipboard.

Open notepad and press CTRL+V to paste content from clipboard

This is hyperlink of image file.

For getting hyperlink of other type of files. Right click on Download button and select “Copy link address” to copy the link in clipboard.

Use “REMOVE” button to delete the resource. Make sure to remove its reference from the places the link is used.

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