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Introduction to Facility

Anakage Self-Help Platform has Multi-Tenant Architecture where single instance of software can serve multiple customers. Each customer is a tenant, they have ability to customize certain portion of Self-Help Portal like banner, logo, pages etc. In Anakage Platform a facility refers to a customer or tenant. This means you can show different self-help portal to different group of users in your organization. Groups can mean a business division or location or factory. Each facility can have their own set of super admins and users.

You need to create at-least one facility in our application. Facility can only be created by the SUPER ADMIN which has access for all facilities. This option will not be seen if you are responsible only for single facility. Normally this is done only once during deployment.

Create a Facility

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on “Facility & Users” and then select “Facility (Self Help)”

If you do not have appropriate access right the page will be seen as below

4 – Click on “+FACILITY” at top right corner

5 – The “CREATE FACILITY” form will open

Name – Name for facility. In dashboard this name will be shown at all pages. For example – wellington_plant

Location Code – This code is used to uniquely identify a facility. At many places in dashboard this will be shown to identify a facility.

There will be one default facility which is routed when user opens . Other facilities can be accessed by appending location code at end . In this example if location code is 1055 users can use to access the home page.

Note – the default facility has to be changes in yml file.

Pages Number – The number of pages that can be created for this facility

License Number – The number of licenses available for this platform. Specify the value which is less than “Unused License” – Please consult licensing / procurement team to provide this.

Theme – Leave it as it is

Style – There are two styles we support. White and Red color(default), and White and Black color (style-2)

Chatbot – Use this to provide chatbot information. Chat bot will be shown when user visits Self-Help portal

Solution Card – How solution card should look. Leave it as it is.

Publish – Yes/No – Select Yes if you want to publish or make it live now. Select No if you want to create category but do not want to show it to users now.

Save – Saves the data and creates facility

Enter the information and click on “SAVE” button to save the data.

A green notification appearing on bottom corner means data is saved. If there is any error please correct and save it.

The created facility will be listed in the table below

Note – Once facility is created it cannot be deleted. To hide it use Edit > Publish (No).

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