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Below are common words you will see in our products, technical documents, blogs and communications –

  • Self-Help – This is Self-Help online or offline app where cobots/solutions can be seen. Self-Help online portal can be accessed by a url like Self-Help Desktop application can be accessed by users by clicking on Heal-IT desktop icon.
  • Self-Heal – The Anakage component which runs silently in background as a task.
  • Proactive – Same as Self-Heal
  • Reactive – The cobot or solutions that runs when user uses them. This different than proactive as later runs without user intervention.
  • Solutions – These are smallest component of Anakage Platform. They are designed to fix a issue either as user initiated/self-help/reactive or proactive/self-heal.
  • Cobots – These are same as solution
  • Content Management – A component which allows admins to create pages on self-help portal without needing programming language knowledge.
  • Agents – In Anakage platform it is the service or exes we use. In clients term they are Service-Desk human agents who resolve users issue
  • Users – User who uses Anakage platform to resolve their issues
  • Admins / Super-Admins – User of Anakage platform who has rights to do various administrative functionalities
  • Offline Application/App – Self-Help application which is installed on windows machine as a desktop application.
  • Self-Help Desktop Application – Same as above
  • Heal-IT – Name of Offline Application
  • Online Portal/Application – Self-Help portal which can be accessed by a url like
  • Online Solutions – Cobots or Solutions hosted on Online portal
  • Offline Solutions – Cobots or Solutions part of Offline App
  • Dynamic Pages – The pages that are created by using Anakage Content Management platform. These pages can be shown on online portal.
  • Pages – Same as above
  • Self-Service – Same as Self-Help
  • Self-Help Portal – Same as Online Portal
  • Self-Help Offline App – Same as Offline Application
  • Admin Console – The section of Online portal which can be accessed by administrators
  • Admin Portal – Same as above
  • ESO – Enterprise Single Sign On
  • SAML – This is technology Anakage Platform uses for ESO
  • Chat bot – The chat bot that can be embedded in Online Portal
  • Mac Offline App – The Macintosh platform app hosting cobots.

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