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Anakage Self-Help portal hosts individual solutions for each issue. In normal scenario users will come to portal and uses the solution. However, there are few scenarios in which you would like to send direct links to individual solution in mail or as a response to incident to users so that they can use directly. The direct links are also needed when you are integrating it in chat bots. User asks a question and chat bot sends a response with direct link of solution.

Follow below steps to get direct link of solution –

1 – In this example you will get link of solution “Skype not recognizing audio device of showing not working error”

2 – Right click on the “Download” icon on the solution for which direct link is needed

3 – Click on “Copy link address”

4 – Open notepad application. Paste the copied content in notepad.

5 – The content will be something like javascript:SupportCategory.solutionDownload(’48’,’/uploads/solutions/demo/’,’/uploads/solutions/techselfsupport102.exe‘);

6 – The url of Self-Help portal is

7 – Append the text in bold to url so direct link to exe will be

8 – Open another tab and put the url above – exe will be downloaded.

Note – The link will work only when you are already logged in to portal

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