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To relay important information when user visits Self-Help portal or offline application you can add notice from admin dashboard. Follow below steps –

1 – Login to Self-Help dashboard using super admin credentials

2 – Click on Dashboard

3 – Click on “Content Management” tab and then select “Notice (App & Portal)”

4 – The notices will be shown. If there are no notices it will be blank.

Create a new notice

1 –Click on “+NOTICE” button at top right corner.

2 – The “CREATE NOTICE” form will open

Name – This is the message to be shown in notice.

Go to link – This is the url where users will be taken if they click on it. Always enter hyperlink in format and not

Notice Destination – Should notice be shown on Self-Help web portal or Desktop app. Select one of this. If you want to create same notice to be shown at both place then create 2 notice targeted for each of them

Notice Type – It can take 2 values – “Sticky Notice” or “Scrolling Notice”. Scrolling notice scrolls at top of Self-Help portal from right to left. Sticky Notice remains at top. For Desktop app only Sticky Notice works.

Facility – If you are super admin for multiple facility you will see multiple items. Select the appropriate facility for which you are creating notice.

Publish – Yes/No – Select Yes if you want to publish or make it live now. Select No if you want to create notice but do not want to show it to users now.

Background Color – Select this to specify background color of notice

Font Color – Select this to specify font color of notice

Font Size – Select this to specify font size of notice

Save – Once done click on Save button to save the notice. If you have selected “Yes” in Publish field then it will be shown to users when they log in.

If information provided is correct the notice will be created and displayed in list

The notice will be shown as below when user visits the portal or offline application –

Change the Notice

1 – Select the notice that is to be changed.

2 – Click on “EDIT” button

3 – Make the changes and click on “SAVE”

Delete the Notice

1 – Select the notice that is to be deleted.

2 – Click on “DELETE” button.

3 – The notice will be deleted.

If you want to keep the notice but do not want to show to users see the next section

Publish/Unpublish the Notice

The notice can be kept in this section but will only be shown to users if it is published.

1 – Select the notice that is to be published.

2 – Click on “EDIT” button

3 – Change Publish to Yes or No.

4 – Click on “SAVE”

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