ITSM Endpoint Automation

Automate issue resolution as soon as a ticket gets logged

Most of the times the users do not self service in spite of having self-service options provided by ITSM and Self-Service.  This leads to loss of employees and IT Help Desk engineer’s productivity stealing time away from activities which have business outcomes for the organization. 

Gartner research shows that service executives believe 40% or more of today’s live support ticket volume could be resolved in self-service channels, yet only 9% of customer service journeys are solved entirely in self-service channels.

Anakage can not only help Enterprises with Proactive Self-Heal and In-Application guided Self service solutions, but also help fire the solutions automatically on the end points as soon as a user creates a ticket. Anakage uses multiple technologies to achieve this including ITSM connectors(APIs), it’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) that’s intensely and regularly trained on IT Help Desk issues, Intelligent In-Application guidance and ITSM Endpoint Automation capabilities .

Anakage Self service application, can be used to resolve end point (laptops/desktops) issues by users themselves. It is available in two flavors-

1) Offline application

2) Online application(using an online portal)

Below is the Self-Help portal (SSP) that users can use, to resolve issues-

ITSM Endpoint Automation

In spite of providing the In-App guided semi automated self-service solutions, users may still log tickets without running these CoBotic solutions, primarily because:

  1. The user doesn’t realize that it will take more time to log a ticket and wait for resolution than doing a few clicks on the guided solutions to self-resolve the issue in hand
  2. The user forgets about Self-help Portal url and the fact it exists for their service 
  3. The user visits the portal but before running the solution gets into another task and chooses to go by their older way of doing things i.e. log a ticket and wait for help

For such change management issues, Anakage platform provides a mechanism for easier adoption of the CoBotic Self-help by making it available in front of the user when they need it.

With Anakgae’s trained NLP model and ITSM API integrations, auto firing of user guided solutions at target end points is possible subsequent to when the user  logs the incident. Please read below, to understand it.

How is ITSM Endpoint Automation achieved?

The user logs a ticket in the ITSM.

ITSM Endpoint Automation

There would be a list of tickets getting piled up to the service desk.

ITSM Endpoint Automation

In situations like these, the NLP based ML model can easily analyze the ITSM tickets, find relevant solutions from the existing inventory of solutions and fire the appropriate solutions, across the end points for the reported issues, at one go. All this happens in the back end, automatically as soon as the user logs a ticket in the ITSM and the End user will only get a pop up message along with a fix button.

Below is the Admin dashboard along with a pop up at the end point.

ITSM Endpoint Automation
ITSM Endpoint Automation

Once the user clicks on “Fix now” button, it starts guiding the users step by step, by opening up relevant tabs. Once the user completes running the solution, the Admin dashboard would report the status to “Deployed”

ITSM Endpoint Automation

You can click here and check the video as well on How is ITSM Endpoint Automation achieved?

Benefits of ITSM Endpoint Automation:

  • The NLP based ML model can easily handle multiple clients, by firing the relevant solutions on end points as soon as a ticket gets created in the ITSM
  • No time wasted waiting in call queues, especially when the service desk is dealing with a much larger volume of calls
  • Information requests are handled at source, taking strain off your service desk staff
  • Handle admin level issue resolution, which requires admin privileges, automatically
  • Significant reduction in the handling cost of issues and service requests

Anakage also offers proactive agent for Self-heal issues at source even before they surface infront of users. The engineer/admin can analyze it using the Analytics dashboard and the Admin can also fire the solutions remotely on target end points.

The only pre-requisite for remotely firing the solutions would be Anakage self service application or self heal agent to be installed at the end points, which can be installed using the msi installer or pushed across the end points via SCCM or similar tools. Click here to get in touch with us to know more about how we can help you implement a successful ITSM end point Automation.


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