Getting stuck using PowerShell script for automation?

Let us start by understanding the security considerations when trying to run PowerShell script for automation.

In spite of various execution policies, there is a significant increase in malicious use after PowerShell usage became open source in 2016. A Lab report from McAfee reported that PowerShell malware increased by 432 percent between 2016 and 2017, and Symantec noted a 661 percent increase within the number of computers where PowerShell activities were blocked from the year 2017 to 2018.

There are various methods of bypassing the PowerShell execution policy many of which are available even online in public domain. Most Enterprises hence do not allow non Microsoft signed Powershell scripts in their environment if at all they allow it in first place.

What can be the impact of using PowerShell script for automation in your enterprise?

The creation of such scripts that can be run from other kinds of Windows files, .exe, .bat, .wsf, and .LNK is one of the major reason why malware has been constantly increasing in recent few years.

There are claims that 40% of Malware incidents are due to PowerShell and one can understand the harm it has caused in variety of campaigns, in credential thefts or banking Trojans.

It has affected almost every industry and has been implicated in click-fraud, data exfiltration and password-sniffing. Imagine, some attacks do not even require the built-in PowerShell.exe. and this can be done using tools like PowerShdll and InsecurePowershell which actually execute scripts by leveraging the dll file i.e System.Management.Automation.dll

This is just one example how it exploits your environment, but in reality there are many. It’s now time for you to think, how safe is my enterprise if it uses PowerShell Scripts adhocly for every other automation need at end points?

Why Anakage for automation and script based Self Heal Solutions?

Anakage is an end user support automation platform for IT service desk. Anakage’s main product offerings includes Self Heal and Self Service on the platform.

PowerShell Scripts for Automation

Due to the rising issues with PowerShell and client’s requirement related to security Anakage platform does not rely solely on PowerShell for End point automation. Anakage platform users do not use such scripts most of the times yet achieve the same outcomes. While the Anakage platform supports PowerShell as a scripting language for automation, it also supports all other scripting languages because of which it is able to deliver options for safer environment to our clients and partners with it’s low code platform for creating user guidance and automation solutions with minimal coding.

It’s time to move towards a safer automation platform which avoids the usage of PS scripts to deliver a stronger and more secure business case. Reach out to us to Schedule a Demo or get answers to all your End User Self-Help and Self-Heal automation related questions.

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