For many organizations the conventional way of solving any IT problem is to respond to clients or users after it arises. But even if the support service is well defined and works seamlessly, it is often time consuming and may not serve desirable user experience. Instead, imagine if you could solve issues silently before users even get to know about the issues.

Why consider a proactive approach in user support

Every employee loses an average of 22 minutes per day due to IT related issues whereas ideally there shouldn’t be any downtime at all. Besides, the cost to user productivity or espirit de cops is quite difficult to quantify, but holds a lot of importance in organizational performance. And in today’s dynamic digital workplace with increasing number of applications and remote users, being reactive is no longer an option.

Raise user experience from ordinary to extraordinary with Anakage Proactive Cobot

Anakage provides proactive remediation platform based on Cobotic technology which can be used to resolve issues silently, even before user realizes it. It can be set as rules based on organization policies. Different Proactive diagnosis and resolutions can be triggered from the rules engine according to Client’s environment and issues. New Solutions can be uploaded and new Rules configured via a Web console “Rules Engine” along with a reporting portal where all the reports and relevant end point information is collected represented visually summarizing the Data collection and remediation Rules, Solution effectiveness (Success & Failure count) and overall Cobot and User interaction statistics.

Anakage Proactive platform is comprised of

  • Proactive exe at end point 

  • Web portal with Rules console and reporting dahsboards

Anakage Proactive Solution Examples

Browser related issues

  • Allow Active X
  • Disable popup blocker
  • Allow multiple file download
  • Getting Error- Stop running this script
  • Recommended popup blocker and proxy settings

System performance issues

  • system temperature checking
  • Failed GP update
  • System Auto Reboot
  • System slow due to paging size and indexing file size
  • Cleanup
  • Disc failure
  • Removing non standard/ unapproved add ins

Other Application issues

  • Unable to move or drag cells to copy content in Excel
  • Unable to copy from one cell to multiple cells in Excel
  • Not getting new mail notification in outlook
  • Outlook is closed when minimized
  • Unable to open Adobe PDF
  • Unable to open hyperlink in word

Anakage Proactive Cobot offers you

Customized Application Task Management –

Allows admin to define detection and remediation rules with time intervals on rules engine at which they need to be run on endpoints. Also solutions can be triggered from Admin portal itself to invoke remediation for specific end points where either the remediation has failed or selected end points have to be selected instead of default Solution run on all machines

Versatile Use Cases-

Proactive agent has versatile usability across the organization like-

End Point Compliance- 

It can check end points against different compliance parameters that may make devices vulnerable to malware. 

On Screen User Communication

Automation in sending notices or alerts, conducting surveys or user feedback mechanisms using proactive agent create a cooperative environment with the users besides Process compliance by coaxing even forcing the users if need be to act.

Admin and Reporting Portal-

Collects relevant information from end point, user actions with the CoBot and solutions run data with end point details and reports with a overall and Rule wise summary with ability to drill down to End point level for the Solution runs 

Maintain State of the System-

Aligned with enterprise guidelines by running/ shutting down services and processes, auto detect and update missing Standard Operating Environment (SOE), windows services, browser and application specific processes etc.

Performance Optimization-

Maintains and optimizes performance parameters of the PC as defined in the rules engine. E.g. clearing cache, recycle bin, system temperature check, managing start-up programs etc.


Frequently Asked Questions-


What are the key functionalities of proactive agent?

1. It helps to both detect and fix solutions based on predefined rules set on specific settings, services, missing or updated files or parameter values.

2. Allows admin to fix solutions on multiple endpoints at one go. 

3. The solution fixation can be both agent and admin initiated

4. Whenever the agent is not able to remediate due to hardware or compliance issues, it collects the data and reports into the Dashbaord or logs an Alert or Ticket into client’s ITSM via API calls

5. ITSM integration is supported

6. Collecting end point information and report

If any solution fails, will it tell at which step it failed?

Yes. The failure message will be shown on admin portal against the failed solutions.

What it its footprint?

Less than 2 MB

In case I want a proactive Agent, how is it deployed on system?

It is pushed through software distribution tools like SCCM through system account

Can the Proactive Agent update itself if there is an upgrade available?


Do I need to push every time your agent gets an update?

No, the Proactive Agent has updater functionality.

How are admin steps handled by the Agent running on a user who doesn’t have Admin privileges?

Anakage Proactive Agent once pushed through System Account runs it’s own service to fire proactive solutions that can handle Admin level troubleshooting and fixes.

Does the proactive agent coexist with offline agent?

They can coexist but they are separate components.

Offline agent has UI features. So the size of offline agent is much higher (20-30 MB)

Does it require winRM?

We have the scripts of all our solutions on the end points and hence it does not require winRM.

Can it run any new script without any dependency?

Yes. By updating at the server level which then updates the proactive agent at the end point. It can support VB ,Powershell etc scripts

What is the difference between proactive Agent and compliance app?

Proactive can check for predefined compliance parameters at end point level & remediate. Compliance app has a central dashboard with Before and After status and a Comprehensive Compliance view summarizing overall Compliance with drill downs on Product, Parameter and End Point level details For a fewer number of compliance rules , proactive component can be a cost optimal option, however if you want a comprehensive End Point Compliance Dashboard with before and after reporting feature, Compliance Component is better suited than Proactive component.


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