Being more efficient in the workplace really comes down to being more efficient with your time. And spending time on just organizing different contents shouldn’t be a wise thing to do. Anakage’s Self Service Portal Management system is here to help you out: it helps to create and manage custom localized solution catalogs across different locations or categories. Here are the key features of our multilingual Content Management System (mCMS) system to make you work smarter, not harder-

Manage Content without IT Help

You can always get help from your website developing team to create pages and deploy every time but it will be a distraction from core business. You need a platform that can be used by Process and Application teams for generating localized content and refreshing them periodically. Anakage mCMS helps content creators to create responsive HTML pages with media and upload IT Fixes (in form of exes) without any dependency on development team.

Localized Multilingual Content

“With languages you are at home anywhere”- content is becoming the focal point and it is desired that company should enable it’s geographically dispersed multilingual employee base with localized vernacular content including but not limited to users’ manuals, websites, self-help guides and training materials. A flexible multilingual content management tool can make a critical difference in keeping your self-service relevant especially for IT and Application support.

Admin Security and Control

The Self-Service portal and mCMS can both be deployed on-Premise as part of the Online CoBotic Self-Service Platform of Anakage. The entire Self-Service Portal, its contents and self-help catalogs can be administered and updated by the Admins without depending on coders and deployment cycles. Non-technical users can easily handle the mCMS portal as a tool for website maintenance.

Great Content Flexibility

Different solutions can be added in various formats i.e. anakage solution exe to fix issues with one click or In-App user guidance, or provide users KB articles in form of .doc, pdf, web pages, links organized by Categories thus enabling users to drill down on Categories or search the entire repository.

UI Customization

Admin can personalize home page; be it content or About Us or images uploads or banners etc. Here block customization can be done on the basis of different themes, customization for solutions, categories and sub categories by selecting block styles. Managing tool tip, text color, link, background color and sequence can be customized by user which gives home page with different looks.

Higher Employee Engagement

Content is managed effectively using content management system, so it will lead to higher employee engagement, contributing to higher organizational success.

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