Training sessions are good – it gives you break from your schedule, you go back to classroom environment, immerse yourself in the subject and at the end come out charged and hoping to apply all you have learnt.

But the problem starts when you are back to your job and you realize that you have forgotten most of the thing. Don’t worry – you are not alone and this is called “lack of retention” which is a classic problem with training programs. Many research have pointed out that “the time between person learning and using it is important”. It is upon individuals to apply the skills as soon as possible and increase retention. Also the “applying skills” phase is after the training program ends which is outside the domain of trainers or organisation. So effectively there is no way stakeholders can increase retention unless individuals make an effort.

How would it be if your trainer is available to you forever when you need him. It is not possible for physical trainers. Does eLearning courses solve this. Probably no – because you can search and find information but more time goes in finding information than applying it. Also many of the video based courses are not searchable. So the irritation of deciphering the information for your scenario is still to be solved.

Our application will help you solve your problem just when you need it

We solved this problem by making our step by step instructions working on your files which is what you will be using in real life.  It is as good as trainer / virtual instructor helping you when you need it. Our unique step by step instructions work everywhere – in our case studies as well as the problem you are working on –

  1. No more spending time on searching and understanding what is needed for your files.
  2. our step by step instructions will work on your files also.
  3. Concentrate on your problem by reducing context switches between application and external content.

You can choose to distribute our courses to trainees to make the training stick with them forever thus improving the ROI.

How to make our step by step instructions work on your files.

In iAssist the topics come with their own templates. You can also search using keywords which also opens the templates with them. However you can choose to switch off a setting so that our templates does not open and step by step instructions are shown on your files. Perform below steps to achieve this –


  1. Open iAssist.
  2. Click on Gear icon at the bottom right. This will open the settings dialog.
  3. Uncheck “Open linked file for search results” checkbox

Now when you access topics from search results our templates will not open.



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