We are glad to introduce our product “Anakage iAssist” for MS Office. This is first of its kind application in world which sits between you and real application and makes you learn.

Excel chart

For old users of Microsoft Office – do you remember clippy. Well our product is not actually same but we are taking the concept forward in a way that people are actually liking it.

The inherent difference between Clippy and us is that clippy was trying to be intelligent and offer you solution whereas we are a learning package which people fully knows what it is going to be like so no surprises. And then we package what is needed for learning – a set of scenarios, a flow, video, practice inside real app(like clippy), and finally a practical test inside real application.

In whole of this the intermediary layer helps you learn a application as a real teacher would do if he is teaching. It would make you comfortable by showing real life scenarios, videos, practice inside live application and evaluating you for practical skills.

watch n practiceThe core of our methodology is practice and assessment inside real application.

The first set of learning product is for MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and MS Word. There are 100s of real life scenarios. Opening a topic opens up the live application , a sample file , you are shown a video and then guided through a practice session in live application followed by practical evaluation.

There are lot of small details and features which has come from user feed back. Read about features, download trial and buy here. Watch a demo video below –



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